I have very strange neighbor. This neighbor of mine constantly speaks nonsense and he hides something behind the sun metal sculpture he has in his dining room. I am very curious what it might be. He thinks out for some reason to invite me at his home and then he plays his crazy games. Talking gibberish and showing me on purpose he is hiding something and he knew secrets and so on. I am thinking he needs psychiatrists. He is good fellow but his mind sometimes freaks me out. I wonder if I try to help him wheater there wil be any use or I will cause him only troubles.

Is potato fruit or vegetable? If you search in the net you will find out it is considered to be a vegetable. I have thought about it – what is fruit and what is vegetable and on a second thought the potato can be vegetable but can be a fruit also. You have eaten with no doubt sweet potatoes. Sweetness is quality of the fruits. If you look it in this way potato can be fruit. But they consider it vegetable for sure. I have not found an article where it has been clearly explained what means fruit and what means vegetable. I guess for me potato is something in-between.

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I am with Tamara since 2 years now. I thought we understand each other perfectly and that we are meant to be together. Those were delusions, delusions borne from my desire. I had understood she has another man. I had prepared a nice present for our anniversary - nude metal wall decor. When I opened it I saw her sour face. She said “How the heck this idea came to you?”. At this moment I had realized something not right. I started to notice signs that had slipped my mind. And finally I got to the bottom – she was meeting other guy. I feel bitter sorrow. Why she wasted 2 years with me to stab me in the back after that? Women are so poisonous – Beware guys!!!

Three months ago I have red apocalyptic articles that predicted the price of the chocolate to raise up to 30-40%. The authors were quoting about situations in countries major producers of cocoa, events that with no doubt will affect the production and rocketiering the prices in the skies.

Today I buy the same chocolate I usually buy and the price is the same 4.16$. This is exactly 0% increase of the price. What happened where is the cocoa apocalypse predicted in those articles? I am fed up of so called “journalists” that only seek sensation. The news must be cleaned from such scumbags. I had wasted my time reading those articles.

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It is about one sun metal sculpture I had saw in one store. I like the sun – I like everything related to it. It is the life-giving thing here on Earth. The problem is that I share room with a room mate currently. And she does not want any decorations on the wall. I find this not a friendly manner of communication but she will get sour if I hang something on the wall and I don’t want her to spoil my mood with her grumpy face every day. But also I want to do what I wish and I wish to have this sculpture on my wall. So what should I do?

I do not know if everybody faces this problems or it is only me. I have a daughter who is crazy about watching cartoons. When she plays, talks or wants to eat she stays in front of the TV. I do not know what to do. When we switch off the TV before meals, she refuses to eat as she wants to eat while watching cartoons. Sometimes I give up just to make her eat and I follow what she wants. After all she is only two years old. I do not know what to do to keep her away from the TV, she calls herself with different names from the cartoon is it normal? I hope so. If it is not I do not know what to do.

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I went to the museum of American natives in my town and to tell you the truth they are pretty interesting things there. If you have such in your town by all means you must visit it. What made me impression most was one sun metal sculpture. It was perfect workmanship. By looking at it I had the feeling I can almost sense the diligence and the devotion of its author. Natives were amazing people with sophisticated culture. Any man who had devoted his time and efforts to create such a piece of art can not be called savage in any case. I had learned a lot from my visit.

There is one thing that is more powerful than anything else. There is one thing that can cure you like no other pill will do – the movement. We people are constructed to move. If we stop moving this is equal to stop living. These words may sound too radical to you but there is a huge dose of truth behind them. I had many health issues. I was taking all kind of pills to cure them and other kinds of pills to help the pills or negotiate some of their harmful effects. To tell you the truth I was eating more pills than food. I was not happy and my real progress was doubtable.

Then I started moving. A small walk in the park at the beginning, few bends at home, few steps climbed instead of using the elevator. I started with small things. Now I run 5 miles everyday. And I feel terrific. I have energy my mind works perfect and I take no pill for anything. Movement is the key to all problems. It is really the best pill from all and it is here free for everyone.

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Gifts are loosing their meaning to me. I remember being 9 years old and gifts on my birthday party were great adventure to me. I remember receiving gifts was bringing a lot positive emotion for me. Now I ca not be thrilled by any gift. My sister brought me one metal butterfly wall art as a gift. To be completely honest I totally have no feelings towards this object. Although it is a gift I see nothing special in it. I will hang it of course not to insult my sis but gift emotions are dead for me. I have no idea why this had happened but in time the flare of my emotions has gone. Maybe it is the stress, maybe all the problems made pragmatic woman, maybe this is inevitable with years to pass. I miss these emotions. They made me feel alive. I want to be alive again.

Is there such thing as contactless fighting? I have seen clips about this technique of fighting. Demonstrations are impressive but when I look closer into them I have to say I find in them a bit of something artificial. It appears to me they are charlatans. It looks amazing to fight your opponent without ever touching it. But the theory about this psychic energy or whatever makes you strike your opponent from distance looks to nothing but a fiction. If it is up to fighting I will stake on good old fashioned martial arts. These new techniques seem to me nothing but a bluff. I wonder only why anyone should deceive like that - to be famous or what?

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